Sushma grants medical visa to Pakistani girl for heart surgery

New Delhi

External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj has again extended her helping hand and granted a medical visa to a seven-year-old Pakistani girl from Karachi to undergo open heart surgery in India.

Swaraj announced this on her Twitter handle after the Pakistani girl’s mother, Nida Shoaib, sought her help for the early processing of her daughter’s visa for which she had applied in August.

“Respected Sushma Swaraj mam my daughter need open heart surgery. I applied in August, still the visa is in process. Please help us,” tweeted a patient’s mother Nida Shoaib.

Shoaib, who said her application was pending since August, has posted the scanned copy of pending request on her Twitter handle.


Replying to the tweet, Swaraj said, “Yes, we are allowing Visa for your 7 years old daughter’s open heart surgery in India. We also pray for her early recovery.”

Earlier in June, the Minister had helped a four-month-old Pakistani child Rohaan for undergoing surgery for a heart ailment.



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