NF Railway awarded three staff for exceptional devotion towards duty


Three railway staff namely Bidya Singh, Nripati Kumar Mandal & Ahri Amullya Kumar Roy all Track maintainers were awarded today by  Lokesh Narayan, Addl. General Manager, N.F.Railway for showing exceptional devotion towards duty.

Bidya Singh, Track Maintainer-Grade-IV on Gang no 10 under Sr. Sectional Engineer/P.Way/Lumding(Hill) while performing duty on 22.07.2017 saw track filled with mud-water between Dihakao and Mupa station at km 48/1 under Lumding division of N.F.Railway. Seeing the condition unsafe for running of trains he immediately protected the track at Mupa end and proceeded towards Dihakho to inform Asst. Station Master of Dihakho. At that time 15560 up Kanchanjungha Express was approaching Mupa station. Thus alertness and devotion towards duty of  Bidya Singh saved an obvious mishap. He was today awarded a cash award of Rs.2, 000.00 by the AGM.


 Nripati Kumar Mandal                                                     Amullya Kumar Roy

Nripati Kumar Mandal &  Amullya Kumar Roy both Track maintainers working under Sr. Sectional Engineer / P.Way / Fakiragram while performing night duty reported that pier of Bridge no. 28 at km 43 / 6-7 between Moter Jhar – Golokganj station settled down by about 2 meter due to due to heavy scouring by flood water of Gadadhar river. Later the slabs were found lying in inclined position. Thus their alertness helped railway evade a dangerous situation. In recognition of their service, they are awarded as “Man of the Month” for August – 2017 and given a cash award of Rs. 5,000.00 each today by  Lokesh Narayan, Addl. General Manager, N.F.Railway.

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