Guwahati- Women Shave Their Heads In Protest Against BJP Government


At a protest event in Guwahati, three of the women shaved off their long hair on the spot in guwahati against the BJP government.

“By shaving our heads, we wanted to signify that the government is dead here and we are guardian-less,” said, one of the women.

The women, all members of the Swadhin Nari Sakti, targeted the ruling BJP of the state for “going against its promises, three of the protesting women shaved off their heads”.

The women complained that during the polls last year, which brought the BJP to power for the first time in a northeastern state, the party had promised to protect the interests, land and rights of the indigenous communities of Assam.

The protestors said that they had tried conventional ways of protest but they had failed to draw the attention of the Sarbananda Sonowal government.

The BJP government, they alleged, splurged on festivals and jobs to outsiders, instead of giving them to the local people.

They also accused the government of not doing enough to protect the state and its people during the floods.

“Our Chief Minister is only busy in pleasing the high command in Delhi and has no time for the issues that affect the people at the grass root level. We hope that our protest at least pricks the conscience of the government,” said one of the protesting women.

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